This news about J.K. Rowling responding the question from a fan has been all over on different website today. While reading Harry Potter or watching the movie, I never think that Dumbledore is a gay character in the story. However, the setting for him, he is.

Rowling responded on twitter and said, “Maybe because gay people just look like… people?“. I think this is such a brilliant response and it is SO TRUE.

How many people in your life you don’t know they are gay, but actually they are? Does that really matter? With my broken gaydar, while I know someone who is gay, I only think, “Really? I would never thought that he is. And?” We all have our own life, we work so hard and get our task done. We pay the rent and so and so… Except the relationship, there is nothing different.

For the past several years, I am so happy for myself to accept who I am. Also people around me look at me as a person and supportive for my life. I found someone I love and someone love me. We have the vision for our life together. Nothing is better then that cause we are all people, nothing is different between peole and we all deserve happiness.